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Emma Frost [userpic]

Character Profile

November 8th, 2010 (01:57 pm)

Character Information

Name: Emma Grace Frost
Codename: the White Queen
Age/DOB: 29 - 17 August
Affiliations: X-men, Hellfire Club,
Occupation: Teacher at Xavier’s School for the Gifted and CEO of Frost Industries

Physical Traits: About 5’10, dyed blonde hair, blue eyes, and the best body that money can buy.

Powers: A telepath of the highest order who can also turn into diamond

Personality: Emma Frost is what they had in mind when they came up with the phrase ‘cold hearted bitch.’ While that covers a lot of who Emma is, she does have a softer side to her and a strong sense of loyalty to a few select people. As a former member of the Hellfire Club, Emma may be constantly striving for redemption but that doesn’t stop her from not having too many morals qualms in relation to killing when the situation calls for it.

Backgrounder/History: Emma Grace Frost was born in Boston, MA to Winston and Hazel Frost, a wealthy family where coldness was the norm. After her father declared her to be his heir and then committed her brother Christian to a mental institution, she rejected her family and left for New York to pursue her education. At the time, she also auditioned to be a dancer for the Hellfire Club. Eventually, she worked her way to the top, becoming Hellfire’s White Queen and also inheriting the entire Frost fortune upon her father’s death.

For several years, she and the rest of the Hellfire Club were a thorn in the X-men’s side. Emma not only founded her own Massachusetts Academy but created her own team in response to Xavier’s; the Hellions. When a Sentinel attack killed the Hellions and left Emma in a psychic coma, the X-men brought her in. When she woke up, she was completely disoriented and distraught by the death of her students. This sparked in her a chance for change. Xavier gave her a second chance and since then, she proved her loyalty to the X-men repeatedly. Sean Cassidy, also known as Banshee, even decided to help her with the school. She continued to run the Massachusetts Academy in her own unique way but never once crossed the line, devoting herself to her students’ well-being. In true Emma fashion, she found her favourites amongst the student body, most notably the Stepford Cuckoos and Julian Keller.

About a year ago, the Friends of Humanity launched an unprovoked and unexpected attack upon the Academy, catching everyone by surprise. There were over two dozen casualties and the school itself was left in ruins. Amongst the dead were two of the Cuckoos. Distraught by the event, Emma made the decision to take the X-men up on their offer and moved to New York to join them, subsequently bringing half of her remaining student body with them. The other half decided to return to their homes, too scared by the attack to continue attending a mutant school.

Since coming to Xavier's, Emma has become even more focused than ever on the safety of her students, even pushing them too hard at times. A repeat of Massachusetts is something unfathomable for her. She's unwilling to compromise when it comes to this. She and Wolverine have essentially taken over the Danger Room sessions and she teaches courses in both English and History. She also serves as a psychic therapist for some in the school, including the recently returned Scott Summers. And, of course, in addition to all this, she continues to run her company. Someone's got to help pay for all this after all.

Emma Frost [userpic]

Character Profile

June 7th, 2008 (09:47 pm)

Old AXM Profile-Kept for posterity's sakeCollapse )

Emma Frost [userpic]

[private entry]

January 23rd, 2007 (11:11 pm)

First Logan and I enforce curfew and catch more than a few students in the wrong rooms.

Then the entire faculty proceeds to clean the Danger Room floor with arrogant students.

I believe the only thing that could make these past two days better would be a bottle of wine from Napa Valley.

It's possible that I'm taking far too much satisfaction from all this. Good thing there's not another telepath on the teaching staff or I'd never hear the end of it from Ororo and Kurt. And possibly Hank and Scott as well.

Emma Frost [userpic]

A note to all students

December 3rd, 2006 (10:59 pm)

current location: office
current mood: aggravated

I know it may seem to be an incredibly difficult concept to grasp for some of you, but if there are things you wish for others not to hear, don't scream about them mentally. Or else, learn how to build mental walls so you're not sharing those thoughts with any and every person who has telepathic abilities. If I have to teach each and every single one of you how to keep your own bloody thoughts to your own bloody selves by taking time from my ethics class, I will.

And if any other telepaths seem to be getting insane migranes from all this, I have the largest supply of aspirin in my office.

Emma Frost [userpic]

(no subject)

November 4th, 2006 (12:11 am)

I suppose I should fill this out before

- Name/Alias: Emma Frost/White Queen
- Nicknames: None that I care to lay claim to but I am not deaf to some of the more pleasant ones the students have come up with
- Age: You really don't need to know that
- Place of birth: Boston, MA
- Powers: Telepathy and turning into diamond
- Loves: Knowledge for the most part. Along with other trivial things.
- Hates: Uncivilised things
- Close friends: I don't have "close friends"
- Favorite singers/bands: Music that comes from before the time most of your' times. Franak Sinatra would be one however
- What you want to be when you grow up:
- If you were omnipotent for a day, what would you do?: As opposed to days when I can't control the thoughts of everyone if I wanted to.
- Any other thoughts: My ethics class is not pointless regardless of what you students believe.

Emma Frost [userpic]

[Filtered: Teachers Only]

October 30th, 2006 (09:55 pm)

current location: Xavier's School
current mood: aggravated

Bloody hell! I understand the teenagers must have their drama but must they mentally shout about it? They're giving me a sodding migraine! My fail-safe method of coffee and six aspirin aren't even working.

Starting tomorrow, I'm now apparently St. John's shrink. I'm not exactly sure why Ororo told him to start me in a professional sense. The boy despises me. I don't need to read his mind to know that. I just hope he'll let me attempt to help him before things get much worse. Whether or not the students believe it, I really do care about their well being.

Damnit. I vote we have a mandatory course for all students on not shouting mentally.

Emma Frost [userpic]

An entry, I suppose

October 28th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

current location: Xavier's School
current mood: relaxed

So far, I have found these journals to be rather pointless, a source of constant cursing and drama, and to some extent, rather amusing. Yes, Ororo, I'm quite aware that I'm a cynic and pessmist.

I'd prefer to not have to post entries, but apparently teachers are required to as well. However, since I have to post this, I supposed I can take the time to clear a few matters up.

Yes, I am a telepath and I can also turn my body into diamond. No, I do not read students' minds without their permission. I'm not that unethical.

Yes, I used to work for the Hellfire Club with a distinct emphasis on 'used to.' I am not the first person to change sides and fight with the X-men instead of against them and nor have I been the last.

Yes, I teach ethics and it wasn't by some random draw.

And since the Institute has been vacated by most of it's loudest occupants, I believe I shall now enjoy what is left of my relatively quite evening by not involving myself with this computers and journals.

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